A young producer and a force to be reckoned with, in the music industry

Mutanu Kyalo

Icon of this month is one very talented young man with an unbelievable name, Mbogua Mbugua Mbugua also known as M3 which is pronounces M-cubed is the son of our very known Ian Mbugua. Let me first take you through his history to help you see how he got to where he is today. Well fist I must say, being a son of a man so passionate about arts, I am not surprised that he chose a life of music for his own.........

Mordecai Nuni

A photographer whose work captures the attention even of those not interested in the art

Mutanu Kyalo

Ola! This month I get to talk about a very gifted soul. Mordecai Nuni. A man of few words. He is simplicity itself but at the same time he handled complexity with calmness and patience. His work of art is remarkable...